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This file is in the public domain.

#ifndef _VBE_H
#define _VBE_H

/* structures for vbe 2.0 */

00010 struct vbe_info_block {
      char vbe_signature[4];
      short vbe_version;
      unsigned short oem_string_off;
      unsigned short oem_string_seg;
      int capabilities;
      unsigned short video_mode_list_off;
      unsigned short video_mode_list_seg;
      short total_memory;
      short oem_software_rev;
      unsigned short oem_vendor_name_off;
      unsigned short oem_vendor_name_seg;
      unsigned short oem_product_name_off;
      unsigned short oem_product_name_seg;
      unsigned short oem_product_rev_off;
      unsigned short oem_product_rev_seg;
      char reserved[222];
      char oem_data[256];
} __attribute__ ((packed));

#define VBE_ATTR_MODE_SUPPORTED     (1 << 0)
#define VBE_ATTR_TTY    (1 << 2)
#define VBE_ATTR_COLOR  (1 << 3)
#define VBE_ATTR_GRAPHICS     (1 << 4)
#define VBE_ATTR_NOT_VGA      (1 << 5)
#define VBE_ATTR_NOT_WINDOWED       (1 << 6)
#define VBE_ATTR_LINEAR       (1 << 7)

#define VBE_WIN_RELOCATABLE   (1 << 0)
#define VBE_WIN_READABLE      (1 << 1)
#define VBE_WIN_WRITEABLE     (1 << 2)

#define VBE_MODEL_TEXT  0
#define VBE_MODEL_CGA   1
#define VBE_MODEL_PLANAR      3
#define VBE_MODEL_PACKED      4
#define VBE_MODEL_256   5
#define VBE_MODEL_RGB   6
#define VBE_MODEL_YUV   7

00051 struct vbe_mode_info_block {
      unsigned short mode_attributes;
      unsigned char win_a_attributes;
      unsigned char win_b_attributes;
      unsigned short win_granularity;
      unsigned short win_size;
      unsigned short win_a_segment;
      unsigned short win_b_segment;
      unsigned short win_func_ptr_off;
      unsigned short win_func_ptr_seg;
      unsigned short bytes_per_scanline;
      unsigned short x_resolution;
      unsigned short y_resolution;
      unsigned char x_char_size;
      unsigned char y_char_size;
      unsigned char number_of_planes;
      unsigned char bits_per_pixel;
      unsigned char number_of_banks;
      unsigned char memory_model;
      unsigned char bank_size;
      unsigned char number_of_image_pages;
      unsigned char res1;
      unsigned char red_mask_size;
      unsigned char red_field_position;
      unsigned char green_mask_size;
      unsigned char green_field_position;
      unsigned char blue_mask_size;
      unsigned char blue_field_position;
      unsigned char rsvd_mask_size;
      unsigned char rsvd_field_position;
      unsigned char direct_color_mode_info;
      unsigned int phys_base_ptr;
      unsigned int offscreen_mem_offset;
      unsigned short offscreen_mem_size;
      unsigned char res2[206];
} __attribute__ ((packed));

00088 struct vbe_palette_entry {
      unsigned char blue;
      unsigned char green;
      unsigned char red;
      unsigned char align;
} __attribute__ ((packed));


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